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Bizeeo™ is a Media and Marketing Agency headquartered in Montgomery, Alabama, providing Public Relations, Marketing, and Promotion Services for small business organizations in the Montgomery River Region.

We provide a variety of Marketing Services1 which include Small Business2 Marketing, B2C Retail Marketing3, and B2B Marketing4 solutions designed to meet or exceed your business organization’s goals and objectives.

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We Are Local Marketers

There are far more Marketing Strategies floating around Montgomery than there are practitioners of such.

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The Marketing “Mix”

(Yes, we’re using “marketing mix” out of context, but we sort of make up for it below.)

There are far more Marketing Strategies floating around Montgomery than there are practitioners of such. In some cases, it’s a good thing when a marketing technique is no longer effective. Other times, it’s a crying shame when marketers don’t do what they’ve promised.

We’re not referring to marketing activities that didn’t pay off, as no one can guarantee a positive outcome. We’re referring to the Online Marketers that make NO attempt to do what they say they will do, either through ignorance or deception.

It’s sad to learn of Montgomery business owners that have been taken advantage of, but it’s commonplace in today’s fast-paced and confusing Internet landscape.

There are a few things you should know about Bizeeo™ and how we operate, and we hope you find the following information useful when choosing an Marketing Service Provider.

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When we say “Local Marketing”, we’re not only referring to our services.

We are TRULY a “Local” Marketing Company in Montgomery, Alabama, and we know that’s important to many of you. We’re located in Midtown Montgomery in the Hillwood area, near Zelda Rd with easy access to Interstate I-85.

If you’re comfortable working with a Marketing Agency that’s not local, we can help you, too!

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Beware of The Marketing Minefield

Marketing Agency Montgomery Alabama
Marketing Experts or One-Trick Ponies?

Many Online Marketing Service Providers are One-Trick Ponies.5

They possess skills in only one field, have very little experience and sometimes practice outdated marketing techniques.

Examples include:

  • Traditional Marketers & Advertisers (Print, TV, Radio, Billboards)
  • The Yellow Pages
  • I.T. Support Specialists
  • Computer Programmers & Web Developers
  • Software Trainers
  • Website Designers
  • SEO Specialists
  • Graphic Designers
  • Bloggers, Writers and Authors
  • Social Media Enthusiasts
  • Computer “Gurus”
  • Technology Lovers
  • Hobbyists & Dabblers

Did we miss any?

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Marketing Specialists

Business Marketing Montgomery Alabama
Bottom left-corner, we like to think we’re “Special”.

Bizeeo Marketing Agency entered the Marketing “Business” in Montgomery NOT because we did ONE thing well.

We have knowledge, skills and experience in all of the aforementioned fields. Our core competency is Project Management, enabling us to understand (and anticipate) how all the disciplines work together.

We are NOT “experts” in anything. We are “Specialists”.

It even says so on our business card.

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Marketing Ethics

At Bizeeo™, we are forward-thinking, open-minded skeptics.

These are traits that serve us well as Montgomery “Marketing Specialists”.

Today, the Marketing Industry changes at a dizzying rate. Sadly, this has lead to the rise of marketing service providers that prey on unsuspecting business owners.

At Bizeeo™, we pride ourselves on our ability to evolve as new marketing technologies are introduced, and adapt to the changing behaviors of Montgomery consumers. We accomplish all of this while staying true to you, our Montgomery client, and serving your best interests.

And if we don’t know how to do something, we TELL you!

Bizeeo Marketing Agency can demonstrate, not “talk about”, what we have done for other clients in Montgomery, Alabama and what we can accomplish for your Montgomery business as well.

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What Is Marketing?

Don’t worry, we will be brief.

What is Marketing? - Montgomery, AL 36106

Marketing is a business management process, or Marketing Mix that includes the “4 P’s”:

  1. Product
  2. Pricing
  3. Place (Marketing Channels)
  4. Promotion

Still awake? We understand.

Bizeeo Marketing Agency believes most marketing definitions are either obsolete or poorly adapted for today’s consumer.

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Marketing Redefined

Frankly, we think it’s a stretch for us to call ourselves “Marketers” in the traditional sense.

Simply stated, we believe our Marketing “role” is to fulfill demand in Montgomery that ALREADY EXISTS!

There are a few recently coined marketing terms that touch on this concept, including:

At Bizeeo™ our goal is to deliver Marketing Solutions and Results that meet or exceed your expectations.

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Does your Marketing Provider have a Plan?

Bizeeo Marketing Agency develops specific, well-defined Marketing Plans for Montgomery Area businesses like yours.

Marketing Plan Montgomery AL 36106
Marketing Providers should be able to explain, in layman’s terms, what they do.

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Marketing Techniques

Our marketing techniques focus on organic search results, NOT pay-per-click or other online paid advertising services.

Bizeeo is NOT affiliated with any online software, hosting or advertising service.

We are NOT affiliate resellers, and we do NOT earn royalties or commissions from the services we recommend.

This is beneficial for your Montgomery business in several ways, including:

  • You pay only for services you need
  • You utilize services that are the best fit for your organization
  • You never become dependent on a single service or service provider
  • You save money

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Small Business Marketing

Bizeeo Marketing Agency provides Small Business Marketing in Montgomery, Alabama, developing B2B Marketing Strategies for businesses just like yours.

Small Business Marketing Montgomery AL 36106
Bizeeo understands Small Business Marketing Success.

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B2C Marketing

Bizeeo™ understands Retail Marketing is about converting potential Montgomery consumers into new business customers, new customers to repeat customers and repeat customers to loyal customers.

Search engine rankings, website visitors and Facebook “likes” are important milestones, but sales are the ultimate measure of marketing success.

Contact Bizeeo Marketing Agency and let’s have a frank conversation about your marketing needs in Montgomery, Alabama. No pressure, no hype.

Just plain-spoken, straightforward advice.

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