GMB Disclosure Notice

Bizeeo Marketing Agency is a Registered GMB Organization (ID: 5485049137).

For more information, we encourage our clients to refer to Google’s disclosure notice titled “Working with a third party.”

Managing GMB

As part of our comprehensive online marketing services, Bizeeo Marketing Agency serves as a “Third party” for our “End Clients” in order to manage their business information on Google My Business (GMB).

  • Google defines a “Third party” as “an authorized agency that manages business information on Google My Business for a business they don’t own.”
  • Google defines “End Clients” as “businesses who enter into a contractual agreement with a third party to manage their business information on Google My Business.”

Authorized Agency

As an authorized agency, and in accordance with Google My Business policies, Bizeeo pledges the following:

  • To act in a fair, honest and transparent manner regarding management of GMB information
  • Ensure that the end client understands what Google My Business is and where Google My Business data is used
  • Inform the end client about how Bizeeo will manage the Google My Business listing
  • Comply with any related Google My Business policies