Information Technology

Proactive and responsive I.T. Consulting and Tech Support Services are crucial for the success of your Online Marketing activities.

Bizeeo Marketing Agency is an I.T. Consulting and Support Service based in Montgomery, Alabama.

We’re conveniently located in Midtown Montgomery near Zelda Rd and Interstate I-85.

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I.T. Consulting Service

IT Consulting in Montgomery, AL - blue "support" key on keyboard

Hiring a Montgomery-area I.T. (Internet Technology) Consultant to manage your business computing infrastructure is often an effective and cost saving measure.

Allowing an I.T. Consultant to promote your Montgomery business, products and services can be disastrous!

Promoting your Montgomery business is a Marketing & Advertising function, NOT an I.T. Support function. However, there are many I.T. Support tasks that are better handled by a Marketing Agency with the requisite skills.

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Technical Services

Examples of Tech Services provided in support of your Montgomery-area marketing and advertising activities are typically related to:

A Marketing Service Provider should oversee or maintain these I.T. Services because each of them have a dramatic impact on your marketing success, and require insight and experience outside the training and expertise of traditional I.T. Consultants.

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Tech Support

Bizeeo Marketing Agency provides 24/7 Tech Support for our Montgomery (and other) clients, via email and phone.

Our Tech Support services include:

  • Monitoring and minimizing website downtime
  • Website security
  • Website backups
  • Email setup and forwarders
  • Software installation and upgrades

Contact Bizeeo™ for more information or a free demonstration and quote.

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