Web Design Fees

How Much Does A Website Cost?

Do you become frustrated you when you visit a business website and are unable to locate any prices?

So do we!

Often, the lack of any fee structure carries with it several negative connotations, including:

  • “expensive”
  • “evasive” (do they really do what they claim?)
  • “untrustworthy” (they’ll charge whatever you’re willing or able to pay)

Even though there is not a “one size fits all” solution, Bizeeo™ understands that the “search for price” is part of any purchase decision and we wish to be included in the “price” conversation.

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Price for SEO & Web Design?

Why did we name this page “SEO & Web Design Prices”? (Click here if you’re unfamiliar with SEO, or Search Engine Optimization.)

Typically, these are the words used by many cost-conscious business owners when they begin their search for an Online Marketing Service Provider.

As you will learn, there is much more to creating a strong online presence for your business than simply creating a website. Bizeeo believes it is our responsibility to explain what you’re paying for AND why you need it. We’re also more than happy to demonstrate real, live results with our existing clients and provide references you can call on your own.

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Marketing Services, Plans and Pricing

Bizeeo™ understands your marketing requirements are unique to your business.

We also know that computing devices, search engine algorithms, and consumer behaviors are constantly evolving and adapting.

For these reasons, and others, we customize our services for each client. And we do so without re-inventing the wheel.

Occasionally, we must also restructure our Marketing Services Plans and Pricing. This helps ensure you purchase only what you need and receive the best possible marketing and advertising services for your business or organization.

For immediate assistance, contact Bizeeo™ to discuss the details of your specific requirements or request a quote via our online form.

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Pricing Overview

Consulting Services

Phone Consult

Most of our Marketing Consulting is provided over the phone at no charge.

Phone consults are a quick and easy method for Bizeeo™ to point out deficiencies with an existing website or online presence.

If you are interested in hiring Bizeeo and prefer a face-to-face meeting, we are happy to oblige. We still require a phone consult to make sure we are capable of providing the services you require and to determine if our partnership is a good “fit”. The last thing we want to do is waste your valuable time (or ours). 1

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Website / Marketing Audit

Fee: $700


  • Detailed, written report
  • Review of existing websites and/or online business visibility
  • Deficiencies and remedies for existing website and/or online presence
  • Keyword research for relevant industry terms
  • Demo website
  • Fee can be applied to future services

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Standard PLUS “Package”

This is a standard website PLUS one (1) Verified Google+ Business Listing

Fee: $400

Our Standard PLUS “Package” is an ideal solution for customers:

  • Just getting started
  • Wishing to “test the waters”
  • With a limited budget

Please note: This website/G+ combo is a “no-frills” option designed to set you on the right path and capable of “growing” with your business.

Standard PLUS “Package” includes:

  • WordPress Content Management System
  • Built-in, full featured blog can be activated at later date
  • Responsive design (works on any device)
  • Two (2) pages
    • Homepage
    • Contact page with online form
  • Web hosting set up
  • Webmaster tools setup (aka “Search Console”) for Google
  • Links to Social Media
  • One (1) embedded YouTube video (provided by customer)
  • Claim/create/customize Google+ brand page
  • Full access and ownership for customer

Premium Website

Fee: Starts at $3,500

Our Premium Website includes:

  • WordPress Content Management System
  • Built-in, full featured blog
  • Responsive design (works on any device)
  • Logo
  • Testimonials page/section
  • Stock images
  • Client photos
  • Contact form
  • Domain name registration
  • Custom email address (example: service@YourBusinessName.com)
  • Web hosting set up
  • Webmaster tools setup (aka “Search Console”) for Google & Bing
  • Calendar – depends on choice of web hosting
  • 5 pages (products/service)
  • Links to Social Media
  • Embedded YouTube video
  • Embedded SoundCloud audio
  • Claim/create/customize Google+ page (local or brand page)
  • Create and customize Facebook page
  • Create and customize Twitter page
  • Ensure access and ownership is properly transferred
  • Integration with scheduling apps/services
  • 500 Business cards with business logo

Premium Website does not include:

  • e-Commerce 2

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Promotional Videos

Fee: Starts at $500

Includes: Video SEO

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Full-service Internet Marketing

Fee: Starts at $500 per MONTH (requires 1-year contractual agreement and start fee deposit)

This fee will be adjusted according to your specific organizational needs. Our services cost FAR less than traditional marketing / advertising and with a MUCH larger target audience.

Contact Bizeeo™ and give us a chance to make our case.


  • Premium website (outlined above)
  • Search Engine Optimization (ongoing)
    • Keyword research
    • HTML optimization
    • Content optimization
    • Installing web analytics (tracking code)
    • Sitemap for search engines
    • Search engine submittal
    • *Does NOT include link-building
  • Ongoing content development & marketing
  • Local Citation Service (outlined below)
  • Reputation management (customer reviews)
  • Social Media optimization & engagement
    • Customization & optimization of social networks (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn)
    • Customization & optimization of Youtube or Vimeo video channels
  • Citation building (local business listings)
  • Ongoing maintenance & tech support

Factors that affect Full-service Internet Marketing monthly fee include:

  • Industry sector
  • Online competition
  • Types of products and services
  • Inclusion of e-Commerce capabilities
  • Email newsletter / Event marketing services

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Local Citation Service

Fee: Starts at $700

  • Claiming/creating listings with major search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing)
  • Registering with data providers
  • Registering with major business directories
  • Registering with local business listings
  • Registering with “niche” industry listings

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Google Penalty Recovery Service

Fee: Starts at $2,000

Learn more about our Google Penalty Recovery Service.

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Webmaster Services

Available for an hourly or a flat monthly fee** and include:

  • Uploading new content
  • Revising existing content
  • Software upgrades
  • Website backups
  • General website maintenance
  • Updates to Social Media

**Contact us for details as this service is not always available

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Images and Photography

  • We provide limited on site photography services, or we can help you choose a professional service***
  • Royalty free, stock photos and images are available at no extra charge
  • You can provide your own images
  • We optimize all images so that they blend with your overall design and load quickly for site visitors

***Contact us for Image/Photography pricing

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Domain Registration

  • The annual fee for registering a domain name ranges from $1 – $25 per YEAR ($1 domains are usually a special, introductory price).
  • The typical cost for a domain name is $10 per YEAR.
  • In some cases, you may want to reserve more than one domain name. (we will suggest this if needed)

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Web Hosting Plans

Hosting plans we recommend start around $10 per month and include:

  • One domain name (additional domain names can be reserved)
  • WordPress optimized hosting
  • Automated backups

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Web Training

We currently do not offer any web training, but can refer you to several online resources. Many of these training resources include video instruction and are free.

Website Prices Montgomery AL

Payment Arrangements

Options include:3

  • PayPal auto draft
  • PayPal invoice
  • Check (includes processing fee)

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Show 3 footnotes

  1. Regarding face-to-face meetings: If Bizeeo™ meets with potential client in-person and it is determined that prior to said meeting a) Bizeeo™ was mislead regarding potential client’s marketing requirements, b) potential client misrepresented or was reticent regarding relationship with their business, c) Bizeeo™ policies or procedures were disregarded by potential client, or d) Bizeeo™ clearly stated an inability to provide services requested by potential client, Bizeeo™ reserves the right to invoice potential client for the “Premium Consult” fee outlined above.
  2. e-Commerce will incur an additional fee based on number of products and other factors.
  3. The cost of web hosting, domain hosting, email hosting, e-Commerce hosting, email newsletter services, online scheduling services, other annual fees and out-of-pocket expenses (with prior approval from buyer) are the responsibility of buyer. Bizeeo™ will create and manage these accounts, and we DO NOT make any commission from these hosting and service fees.