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Bizeeo Marketing Agency provides Online Lead Generation Services in Montgomery, Alabama. We’re located in Midtown Montgomery near Zelda Rd.

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Online Lead Generation Montgomery Alabama

What Is Online Lead Generation?

Let’s build on this definition one word at a time:

  • A “lead” is simply a potential customer.
  • “Lead Generation” is any marketing activity that defines, and captures information about, a potential customer.
  • Online Lead Generation1 is the process by which leads are captured via the Internet and through the use of Digital Marketing Technologies.

Your website, and the traffic it generates, is a simple example of a lead generation tool when it has a strong call-to-action and easy-to-use contact form.

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Quality Leads Are the Goal

The purpose of generating leads is to find Montgomery consumers who may need or want to buy a product your business is selling.

The challenge with Lead Generation is to not only increase Lead QUANTITY, but improve Lead QUALITY. Your business doesn’t want to waste resources on Montgomerians who have no need or interest in your product. And these same people don’t want you wasting their time either.

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Inbound Leads

Furthermore, if you can attract leads, rather than pursue them, all the better!

With the use of Inbound Marketing Automation strategies like Content Marketing, nearly every service Bizeeo™ offers is arguably a form of Inbound Lead Generation.

And we have a few tricks up our sleeve, as well. For one of our Montgomery clients, we had Google automatically NOTIFY US when someone was looking for our client’s product or service!

Contact Bizeeo Marketing Agency in Montgomery, Alabama for a free consultation and let’s see where it “leads” us. 🙂

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  1. Visit Wikipedia and learn more about Online Lead Generation