Permission-based Email Marketing Services

Email Newsletters Montgomery, Alabama
Email Newsletters from Montgomery, delivered anywhere, anytime – and with permission.

Bizeeo Marketing Agency provides Email Marketing Services in Montgomery, Alabama.

We’re located in Hillwood near Zelda Rd and Interstate I-85.

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Email Newsletters

An Email Newsletter is a powerful marketing channel.

As the name implies, Email Marketing is the use of Email Newsletters distributed to recipients on an email list.

For marketing communication purposes, Email Marketing is popular because:

  • Sending email is cheaper than most other forms of communication
  • Email enables you to deliver your message to the customer (unlike a website, where the customer has to come to your message)
  • Email marketing has proven very successful for those who do it right

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Opt-in Email Advertising

Opt-in Email Montgomery, Alabama
Nobody likes email spam! Email Marketing best practices, like “double opt-in” list building, are the solution.

The purpose of your Email Newsletter depends on your goals and objectives.

This could range from simply nurturing your existing contacts by becoming the first Montgomery brand they think of when they need a product or service in your industry, or it could be a full-blown campaign that tracks your customer responses to your “call to action”.

When best practices are followed, Email Marketing, has a distinct advantage over Direct Mail.

The most successful Email Marketing Campaigns are the result of an “Opt-in” process used to build an email list, also known as an Electronic Mailing List. This means the email subscriber has consented, or given prior approval, to receive email communications.

When an Email Subscriber anticipates the receipt of an email newsletter, there are several benefits:

  • Email tracking capabilities
  • Increased delivery rates
  • Increased open rates
  • Increased click-thru-rates (CTR)
  • Better Return-on-Investment (ROI)

Without obtaining prior permission when sending an email message, the email is considered unsolicited bulk email, better known as SPAM. 🙁

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Email Marketing Automation

We like to keep things simple, so Bizeeo™ makes use of MailChimp™ opens new window for developing Email Campaigns for our Montgomery clients.

Watch their introductory video:

Your Email Marketing Campaigns enable your Small Business to target and reach customers as part of your overall Digital Marketing strategy.

Bizeeo Marketing Agency in Montgomery, Alabama will help you determine your Email Marketing goals and develop an effective email marketing campaign.

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