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Marketing »
Public Relations, Marketing, and Promotion Services for small business organizations.
Advertising »
Affordable, effective Online Advertising Services that enable your Montgomery-area business to stand out from the crowd.
Internet Marketing »
Digital Marketing Services that enable motivated River Region consumers to discover your Montgomery business WHEN and WHERE their search begins.
Web Design »
Our Web Design Services are NOT just about creating another ‘pretty’ website.
Search Engine Optimization »
The search is on and the engine’s running! Will YOUR Montgomery business be found?
Logo & Graphic Design »
Your customers are online. Is your logo there to greet them?
Business Development »
Montgomery business development and growth begins on the World Wide Web.
I.T. Support »
Proactive I.T. Consulting & Support Services are an essential part of your online marketing success.

Be Found Online

Be Found.

Bizeeo™ is a locally owned and operated Digital Agency in the Montgomery River Region.

We don’t just build websites, we GROW your business!

We help local small businesses just like yours, no matter where you’re located.

About Bizeeo

Be Chosen by Consumers

Be Chosen.

It’s not about us, the service provider. Or you, the business owner.

It’s about YOUR customers!

THEIR needs.

THEIR preferences.

THEIR satisfaction.

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Be Successful

Be Successful.

What does it all mean? That’s a valid question!

It’s never our intent to impress or confuse you with acronyms, clichés, industry jargon, or technobabble.1

Bizeeo™ encourages you to ask questions, and we welcome your skepticism.

We treat our clients like business partners because we know our success depends entirely on your success.

Be Found Be Chosen

Be Found. Be Chosen. Be Successful!


Nonsensical name. Pragmatic services.

Too difficult to remember?

You can also reach our homepage at or

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  1. Technobabble (tek-noh-bab-uh l): incomprehensible technical language or
  2. Tip: Associating more than one domain name with your business has many benefits, including easier-to-remember domain names, brand protection, and fun or catchy names for print, radio, and specialty advertising.