Should I Hire A Local Marketing Provider?

Local SEO

Bizeeo Marketing Agency offers Local SEO Marketing Services that support your LOCAL marketing efforts.

Here in Sweet Home, Alabama, not only do we serve up the best southern-style grits and sweet tea, but we know a little about the latest Digital Technologies and Design Trends, especially as they apply to Internet Marketing.

Bizeeo™ is a local Search Engine Optimizer with exceptional in-person and online communication skills.

What does this mean for you, the customer?

Bizeeo™ can provide our SEO services locally, statewide, nationwide and beyond.

Search Engine Optimizer

Why Do Business In Montgomery?

(Our grits are delicious, but that’s not the reason…)

Many business owners prefer to conduct business with other local businesses. Why?

  • You can spend your money locally so that it stays in the community
  • If you wish others to support your local business, it makes sense to do the same
  • If it is an important factor, we can shake hands and meet face-to-face (we like that as well)
  • We can provide photographic and other special services, such as onsite consulting

But don’t think for a moment Bizeeo™ can’t handle the needs of businesses and organizations located anywhere in the USA.

Contrary to popular belief, we (Southerners) are privy to the same cutting-edge Digital Technologies as the rest of the world. 🙂

We are very comfortable working with non-local customers.

We have provided effective and affordable SEO and web design services for organizations and individuals with whom we have never met in person, as far north as New York State and all the way to the west coast in California.

Advantages Of Doing Business Online (or non-local)

  • Our lower cost of living (and doing business) in Alabama permits us to pass the savings on to you
  • If you are computer savvy, the project timeline is much more condensed as all proposals, agreements, file transfers, and other correspondence are handled via email and other online collaboration tools (instant gratification)
  • Because of different time zones, we can work and communicate at odd hours, or when it is convenient for you
  • We can provide Online Consulting Services as if we were seated in the same room
  • Once you realize Bizeeo™ can effectively communicate with you online during the preliminary/proposal phase, you will be confident we will effectively communicate your organization’s marketing message to the rest of the world

Whether or not you are local to the Montgomery River Region, Bizeeo Marketing Agency delivers the same, high quality Online Marketing and Website Design Services wherever in the world you may be.

And in case you were wondering, we really do love our southern style grits and syrupy-sweet tea.