Domain Registration & Setup

Bizeeo Marketing Agency provides Domain Registration Services in Montgomery, Alabama, including domain name selection and setup.

We’re located in Hillwood near Zelda Rd and Hillwood Shopping Center.

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What Is A Domain Name?

A domain name uniquely identifies your website and enables searchers to find you.1

Prior to publishing your website on the World Wide Web, you must register a unique domain name. The importance of choosing an appropriate domain name for your website cannot be overstated.

An example domain name looks like this:

  • Note that a domain name consists of two (2) key parts.
  • The letters following the dot “.” (“com” in this example) are referred to as the “Top Level Domain”.
  • Letters preceding the dot “.” (“yourbusiness” in this example) represent the “second-level domain”.

Both parts of the domain name, the “Top Level” and “Second-Level”, must be carefully examined before making a decision.

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Domain Registrar

Domain names must be registered, or reserved, through a Domain Registrar.

One of the better known registrars is due to their aggressive television marketing campaign, although there are many reputable Domain Registrars available.

Domain names are typically reserved for at least one year and must be renewed prior to their expiration date.

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Domain Services

Bizeeo™ provides several important services regarding the selection of a domain name for your Montgomery website which include:

  • Choosing a good domain name for branding purposes
  • Selecting one or multiple domain names that support your digital marketing strategy
  • Making sure your domain name is available
  • Selecting a reputable Registrar
  • Procuring your domain name
  • Setup and Configuration of your domain name

Bizeeo Marketing Agency will take care of all domain name issues prior to developing and publishing your website.

Contact Bizeeo™ in Montgomery, Alabama for a free consultation and quote.

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  1. Learn more about Domain Names on Wikipedia.