Marketing Your Town Tourism w/ Big City Thinking

Big City Town of Watrous

“Big City Town” of Watrous, Saskatchewan, Canada, circa 1928 1

Insightrix Digital, a marketing agency “north of the border”, recently published a blog post titled “SMALL TOWN SURVIVAL: MARKETING YOUR TOWN TOURISM WITH BIG CITY THINKING”. 2

The article emphasized the following:

  • Small, rural towns need to promote their community “just-as-good-as-the-big-box-brand goods and services”.
  • Technology is being adopted very quickly in rural areas, such as dependable cell phone reception and faster Internet speeds.

Quoting from their blog post:

Every town has a beautiful story, and we want to help craft the narrative into a visual identity reflecting your town’s core values, mission, and its vision for the future.

Insightrix Digital also shared a case study where they developed a custom website and social media campaign to help revitalize a small town in Saskatchewan.

As a provider of online marketing technologies for Big Cities, Small Towns and everything in-between, Bizeeo Marketing Agency couldn’t agree more with this initiative!

As a matter of fact, whenever we get the chance to venture outside the “big city” of Montgomery, Alabama, we are often confounded by the lack of an online presence by small communities to promote their local recreational and historical sites.

We have no doubt these destinations would be a big, or bigger, draw if only people knew of them!

If you’re a small town in Alabama, take note!

With the low cost of entry, there’s NO reason NOT to create a “big city” style online presence for your community, no matter your size or location!


Show 2 footnotes

  1. Photo Credit: Town of Watrous, Saskatchewan
  2. Click here to visit their website.