Small Business Marketing in Big Cities

Small Business Marketing in the Big City of Montgomery, Alabama

Social Networking is especially important in a big city. Marketing your small business is sometimes more about promoting you, the owner, as the “brand” rather than the business name.

According to 7 Basics Of Small Business Marketing & Advertising 1:

“… don’t forget to brand yourself also. For many small businesses, the owner is the company. That means your social media presence, physical presentation, and how you come across to customers and prospects are all important.”

The author also points out “Too many small businesses think they have to be on every social media network.”

We think this is a common misconception as well.

Social Media Marketing is a very time consuming task when properly executed. It’s better to devote your time and energy on a single social network and be effective rather than spread yourself too thin across several with little or no results.

Remember, you have a small business to run, and that’s a BIG order!

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