Biggest City for Marketing Jobs

Biggest City for Marketing Jobs

The Best City for Marketing Jobs is also the Biggest.

In 2013, New York City (with a 2010 population of 8,175,133 1) topped the nation’s list of “Best Cities for Marketing Jobs”. They led the pack of Big Cities with 1,436 marketing-related jobs.

The article, titled The 10 Best Cities For Marketing Jobs Right Now was published in Forbes Magazine.

Quoting from the article:

“While New York has always been the hub for major marketing, advertising and public relations corporations, it is fast becoming home to many burgeoning tech start-ups and new media companies,” says Mike Steinerd, director of recruiting at Indeed. “Essential to the success of these ‘Silicon Alley’ companies is their ability to attract and hire marketing professionals across the board.”

The most common job titles among the open positions: marketing manager, marketing coordinator, marketing intern, director of marketing, and digital marketing manager.” 2

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