Radio Ads in Montgomery, Alabama

As an advocate of Integrated Marketing strategies, Bizeeo Marketing Agency can coordinate your online marketing activities with Radio Advertising in Montgomery, Alabama and surrounding communities.

Cost Of Radio Ads

Cost Of Radio Ads Montgomery, Alabama

While Bizeeo cannot endorse Radio Advertising as always being a necessary or effective marketing channel, there are many situations when a tightly integrated Radio Ad and online marketing campaign can produce excellent results.

Radio has the ability to quickly reach a large number of consumers.

The challenge lies in reaching the right customers at the right time with the right message, and at a cost that allows for a positive ROI.

This is when an integrated advertising approach can provide more “bang for the buck”.

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What is Radio Advertising?

Radio Commercial Montgomery, Alabama

Radio Advertisements1 have been around for a long time.

Although the idea of wireless transmission of sound and the early development of radio technologies date to the mid 1800s, it wasn’t until the 1920s that tabletop radio sets became popular through home-made kits.

Over the next few decades, as affordable consumer radios hit the market, the appetite for on-air entertainment and breaking news grew rapidly.

This led to the rapid creation of radio broadcast stations2 to meet that demand.

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Commercial Radio Broadcasting

Commercial Broadcasting Montgomery, Alabama

In order to earn revenues to cover the cost of operations and earn a profit, commercial radio stations3 have been selling “airtime”, or radio advertising, to advertisers for nearly 100 years.

There are several radio programming formats4 including:

  • All Music Radio
  • All News Radio
  • Talk Radio5
  • Sports Radio
  • Weather Radio

Radio Advertisements are typically either a “live read”, an ad-lib, or a pre-recorded segment, lasting anywhere from 15 to 60 seconds or longer.

It’s not unusual for 18–20 minutes of each broadcast hour to be devoted to radio commercials.

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Traditional Advertising

Traditional Advertising Montgomery, Alabama

Radio Ads have been around for decades, and are now considered a form of “traditional” advertising.

Other examples of Traditional Advertising include:

  • Television Commercials
  • Print Advertising
  • Direct Mail Advertising
  • Billboard Advertising

The prevalence of new, online technologies has created a lot of competition between Radio Advertising Agencies and Digital Agencies, with positive and negative consequences for both paying advertisers and consumers.

  • Advertisers now have many marketing channels to choose from, but often find the marketing mix nearly impossible to comprehend.
  • Consumers enjoy more convenience when making a purchasing decision, but sometimes struggle to keep up with the technological advances.

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Integrated Marketing Communications

Integrated Advertising Montgomery, Alabama

Integrated Marketing6 is an advertising strategy that takes into account the strengths and weaknesses of both traditional advertising services (in this case, radio) and modern advertising techniques, like SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

This helps ensure that a company’s brand – its products, services and message – is conveyed in a consistent and effective manner.

The ultimate goal is to increase the quantity and quality of customer leads without harassing consumers who have no interest.7

This is generally accomplished by:

  • Strategic targeting of customers
  • Raising customer awareness (Promotion)
  • Stating a clear call-to-action
  • Making it as easy as possible for potential customers to take action
  • Fulfilling demand in a timely manner

Rather than ignoring the existence of, or denying the effectiveness of one another, the online marketing and radio advertising industries can work together to deliver the most value to their advertisers.

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Radio Ad, Example

Radio Broadcasting Montgomery, Alabama

  1. Ad agency composes copy promoting a local business (both radio and digital agencies contribute)
    • Includes enticement for a “Montgomery super special offer
  2. Digital Agency develops website with dedicated landing page (or web page)
    • Web page includes relevant information about “Montgomery super special offer
    • Web page also includes “tracking code” that records data about site visitors
  3. Radio commercial is presented on-air by Radio DJ or talk-show host (Dan Morris, for example) throughout the day
  4. Listeners are directed to dedicated landing page via “vanity” URL
    • Visit them at Super Special Offer dot com!”
  5. Potential customers locate the page by typing in the URL
    • OR performing a closely related Google search, like “Montgomery super special offer
  6. Potential customer finds landing page on page 1 of the Google SERP (Search Engine Results Page)
  7. Potential customer opens page and reads same promotional language they heard on the air
    • Welcome to our ‘Super Special Offer’ as heard on the Dan Morris Radio Show!
    • Tracking code records time of visit, location of visitor and other metrics
  8. Potential customer takes action
    • Clicks to make a phone call
    • Clicks for directions to storefront, or
    • Fills in and submits message to advertiser via online form
  9. As a result, potential customer becomes a patron
  10. Advertiser calculates ROI based on revenues and data from tracking code
    • Advertiser decides to continue running radio ad if ROI is positive
  11. Patron hears radio ad 3 months later
  12. Patron becomes Repeat Customer
  13. Repeat Customer becomes a Loyal Customer
  14. And so it goes…

For maximum results, contact Bizeeo Marketing Agency when you need help coordinating and optimizing your Online Marketing and Radio Advertising campaigns.

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